Do I need an appointment to see the veterinarian?
Yes, appointments are recommended to make the most efficient use of the client’s and the doctor’s time. Emergency visits are given top priority and will be seen immediately.

For new clients you may fill out our new patient form online, print it and bring with you prior to your visit.
If I don’t have an appointment and can’t wait to see the doctor can drop my pet off and come back later?
Yes. The technician or receptionist will obtain a brief description of your pet’s condition and we will contact you after the initial examination of your dog or cat.
At what age should my pet be spayed or neutered?
We recommend 6-7 months of age; however, a pet may be altered at any age.
At what age should I have my pet vaccinated?
We generally recommend starting an immunization program at 8 weeks of age. This may vary considerably depending on your pet’s particular situation.
Why should I have a fecal examination for my pet?
For optimal health, it is very important to make sure your pet is parasite free. There are some dog and cat parasites that may affect people under the right circumstances, so it is important for your pet to have a fecal exam at least once a year to detect any potential concerns.
Where can I take my pet for after-hours care?
We recommend Animal Emergency of Everett (425-258-4466). There are other facilities available as well, consult the phone book or Internet for those closest to your location.
If my pet is vomiting or has diarrhea what should I do?
You should withhold food until you can consult a veterinarian.
If my pet has sustained an eye injury can I wait a few days to see if it gets better?
No, eye injuries can be very serious and you should have your pet seen as soon as possible.
My cat is straining and yowling at his litter pan, what should I do?
You should have your cat seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible. A male cat may have a urinary tract obstruction which can be fatal if untreated.

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